President's Message

Education fosters the mental and intellectual growth and development of a person. Education is more than mere literacy. Literacy enables one to read and write, but one who is educated has the knowledge that can enlighten and also empower.

Sahodaya literally means “Rising Together” and Sahodaya was the best answer to this need.

Modern education is student-centered. The student gets more focused on the areas where they need to be improved and gives them deep knowledge.

Looking to the fast changing needs and the dynamic changes in the Global scenario of School Education, need was felt for all the CBSE affiliated schools to come on one platform and think to work for the betterment of the society and upliftment of the quality of school education.

The knowledge explosion and its application have brought about remarkable changes in our lives. We are leading a very sophisticated life because of the “changing family patterns, expanding role of technology, increasing global interdependence of people, changing norms and value structures, worldwide competitions, markets and rapid growth of knowledge.” This calls for a paradigm shift in the method of imparting education.

The formation of Sahodaya Complex there will be a paradigm shift in the method of education in our schools. Transmission model to transformation model, information model to formation model, imparting model to participatory model and finally autonomous model to team work model.

I feel proud to head such an organisation and feel honoured that the Directors and Principals have shown faith in me to take this organisation from a zero or I will say a negative level to the highest level in Sahodaya Complexes.

With Best Wishes